Maui Here We Come!!

I remember the day we decided to make the move to Maui. It was February 19th and Alma and I were sitting around talking and she was saying about how she wanted to get someone to open a 'Paint and Sip' business in Maui because it would do so well.  That's when I said to her..."Why don't you do it?"  Now that we were empty nesters and had sold our construction business it dawned on both of us that we could actually do this!

One thing you have to understand about Alma and me is that we usually turn our lives upside down quickly and aren't timid about making big decisions like this.  Within 20 minutes Alma had the outline of a marketing plan done and I had done a quick financial analysis to see if the business was viable.  Alma came up with a great name...Island Art Party and we quickly reserved the domain name on GoDaddy. 

So the basic outline of our plan was to sell our house after our son's wedding, get to Maui in late August and open for business in November.  You know what they say about the best laid plans...

So two and a half months later we have decided not to sell our home (more on that in a later post), push back our arrival in Maui to November 1st, and Alma found out she will be having a total knee replacement surgery in July.  Our plan now is to lease retail space for Island Art Party over the summer and have the buildout done by contractors while we are still here in Colorado.  That way when we arrive on-island in November we will have only the decorating, furnishing, and hiring to do.
We are very excited about this new phase of our lives and will keep you all posted as we make our preparations for Maui.