Can't believe it's mid-May already!

OK...we have been very bad about keeping the blog updated.  Between the move to Maui, getting Island Art Party constructed, and running the day-to-day operations, we have kept quite busy!  Not complaining's the good kind of adreneline-pumping busy where we're excited to come to work each day.

The construction was smooth and we were able to get our permits, inspections, and sign-off without the usual delays we've heard about on Maui.  Alma's hand-carrying of all the applications to the various departments didn't hurt and she also convinced Maui County that we didn't need a full building permit.  We only had to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy Permit which shaved months off our start-up time!

What more can we say about the team we hired to work at Island Art Party.  We have 3 awesome ladies working with us...Stephanie, Brooke, and Beth. Each brings a different skill set to the table, but all are incredibly smart,motivated, friendly, and above all have the welcoming personalities that we share with all of our customers. Alma and I never expected to be able to find such wonderful employees so quickly.

The word is starting to get out about Island Art Party. We've got a loyal local following and we're getting busier all the time.  We're also starting to get a considerable number of requests to hold birthday parties, office parties, bachelorette parties, and wedding parties! 

We are also thrilled with the great reviews we've received on Facebook and TripAdvisor.  People are leaving Island Art Party with smiles on their faces and satisfaction with their painting creations.  We can't ask for anything more!

We both feel blessed that our job is to welcome people like it's our home, show them a good time, make new friends, and have them leave happy!    #lucky

Promise it won't be as long until our next post...