What Do You Want To Paint While You Sip?

Opening a paint and sip studio in Maui has been  so different - and so much more enjoyable - than any other business we have started (not that any of them have be bad...ok, maybe one of them...).  One of the best things about it has been creating the paintings that we will be offering.

I've discovered a whole new way of looking at things, and have found inspiration for our pieces in some of the most interesting and mundane things...The shadow from a wire sculpture in our hallway...the color combination of the scarf of a lady in line at Safeway...The flowers on my insulated cup (ok, full disclosure - it wasn't mine until I had to buy it because looking at it makes me smile.  I use that logic when looking at shoes, too, but I digress.)  I've spent most of my working life in marketing and construction, so seeing even the most simple things as inspirations has truly been a delight.  I imagine that this is how real artists go through life, and to you I say, "You've got it good."

But here's the deal...We've created some pretty good paintings so far, but what's most important is finding out what YOU want to paint.  Are there any themes, images or ideas that you would like to see put to canvas?  Do you like florals...graphics...landscapes...whatever?  Click on the Contact Us link to the left, and email us your ideas.  We can't wait to hear from you!