About Us

Hi, this is Alma, and with my husband, Curt,
we want to welcome you to ISLAND ART PARTY!



ISLAND ART PARTY is both a dream come true and a complete surprise for us. A dream come true because, from the second we stepped off the plane on our first visit to Maui in 1998 -  before even seeing a beach (it was a night flight) - something clicked that felt like home. From that moment, a move to Maui was part of the plan.

The complete surprise is that owning an art studio was never a business that we ever considered because, honestly, “artistic” is not at the top of the list of adjectives one would have used to describe either of us.

After selling our general contracting company in Denver, we were looking for a new business to develop – one outside of our 30-year comfort zone of construction, homebuilding and real estate. A girls-night-out to a local paint-and-sip studio in Denver was a revelation. Not only was my painting not an embarrassment (it actually hangs in our guest room), the evening was filled laughter and music, and almost everyone was as surprised as I at how well their own piece turned out.  A few weeks later, I brought an open-minded-but-skeptical Curt, and his surprise was even greater than mine.   So much so that he was the one who actually said, “We should do this in Maui”.  And here we are.

The best part of owning Island Art Party is that we get to facilitate FUN with an activity that makes people smile…surprise themselves…make some new friends…maybe sing a little, too.

Our “office” is a space filled with music, laughter and creative energy…Our “commute” is along the beautiful beaches of Maui… The name of our business includes the word “party”… It’s tough to consider this “work”. We wake up every day grateful that our dream came true, and humbled that the surprise of Island Art Party has become “work” that we have grown to love.