Kids Classes - Ages 8 and Up

Island Art Party is happy to announce that kids classes for ages 8 and up are now available!  Every child has an 'inner-artist' and there's no better way to nurture a love of art than a fun painting class at Island Art Party. We hold kids classes for ages 8 and up on the first Saturday of each month at 2pm.  We also have private parties available for kids...please call us at 419-6020 for more information.

Here's a few frequently asked questions about the kids classes:

Q: Why do the kids have to be at least 8 years old?

A:  Our experience has shown that the amount of coordination, dexterity, focus and attention span needed to complete a painting is not quite developed before 8 years old. 


Q: Can I hold a birthday party at Island Art Party for my child and his/her friends?

A: YES! We have many birthday parties at our first Saturday 2pm kids' classes.  We charge $30 per child ages 8-12 and $39.00 for ages 13 and up. (Kama'aina) 


Q: Can I bring presents and birthday cake to my party?

A: If you book a private party, you are welcome to bring gifts, food, and cake. The minimum for a private party is $500 for admissions. For example, 20 9 year olds @ $30 each, or 13 teenagers @ $39 each. We will open the studio for you one-half hour early for you to enjoy birthday cake and/or presents with your guests.


Q: Is my birthday party private?  

A: If you meet the $500 minimum you can choose to have a private party.  Otherwise there will be other painters at your session but we will arrange to seat your group together.


Q: Do I have to stay with the kids during the party or class?

A: At least one responsible adult must stay as the authorized guardian for the attendees.  This is a requirement of the Maui County Liquor Commission, due to the fact that we have a bar on our premises.

Please let your kid(s) paint themselves without being a 'helicopter' parent or painting for them. Kids will have tons of fun by themselves and 'doing it for them' robs them of the experience and confidence they will gain by painting themselves. The painting doesn't have to be perfect for them to have a great time and be proud of their work!


If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 419-6020.  Mahalo!